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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my oil?

It depends, our recommendation for street vehicles rarely driven on tracks should be changed every 3,500 to 5,500 miles or every other motor oil change. Racecars may need more or less oil changes, this is dependent on vehicle usage as well. Some general enthusiast may not know that differential oil can sometimes reach temperatures of 350F/180C at which point most oils will breakdown. Once operating temperatures reach this degree, viscosity levels will lower therefore not providing sufficient lubrication for differential operation. Do not be fooled by others suggesting oils should not be changed for 20,000 miles…like your engine, differentials produce friction and wear, provide your differential a clean and healthy operational environment.

To cancel out rumors about our limited slip differential constantly needing an overhaul, we recommend overhauls based upon vehicle usage and unit age. Keep in mind that clutch type differential’s will produce friction wear, it is crucial that a properly functional unit is at hand in order to provide exceptional performance when compared to a poorly maintenance or worn-out unit. From our years of experience every vehicle varies, whether it be for track racing or street driving. The best way to determine if your vehicle needs an overhaul is to check with a technician or do simple test to see if your unit is functioning properly. There is speculation that our units often need overhauling however, in actuality within the past 10+ years of selling thousands of KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials in Northern America alone, our selling rate of overhaul kits are very minimal when compared to our overall unit sales rates. It is best that you contact a local technician or send your unit to KAAZ USA for inspection if you feel your L.S.D. is in need of an overhaul.

Yes, WE HAVE A FULL FACTORY SERVICE FACILITY LOCATED IN USA. What sets our company apart from others is our technical customer service. We can install, adjust, inspect and perform just about any procedure when concerning a KAAZ differential. In fact we’ve actually serviced and repaired many of our competitors units as well. Inquire within for more information. If you do not have a trusted qualified technician available we’d be happy to assist you in any service work needed. Please contact us for further information.

Many clutch type differentials do produce chattering noises. This should only occur during low speed turns or at the initial point of engagement. You may feel or hear more chattering in front wheel drive platforms due to the differential being located at the front of the vehicle. SuperQ units are designed to be virtually noiseless when compared to most differentials on the market, if you are concerned about chattering then this unit is suggested for you.

The SuperQ unit is an exclusive KAAZ USA product. Basically the next step was taken to improving a great product, our SuperQ line features superior surface treatment technology to allow extremely smooth operational usage with the least amount of chattering noise. SuperQ units also increase in lifespan by about 15%-30% longevity. There is also no break in procedure needed! Please check out more detail information HERE.

On most of our front wheel drive Honda Limited Slip Differentials we provide with the unit our genuine speedo gear replacement. During manufacturing we precisely cut grooves onto the differential case surface area in order to drive the speedo gear. The pattern in which we cut are not identical to OEM specifications therefore the KAAZ speedo gear must be used. You must replace your OEM speedo gear with a KAAZ unit, this may be a reason in which your speedometer does not work properly

YES KAAZ LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIALS ARE FULLY ADJUSTABLE. Here are some features that may be adjusted:

  • Initial Torque Settings (higher or lower)
  • Locking Rate adjust ability (decreasing the locking rate for a more milder reacting differential)
  • Pressure Ring reversal (Depending on configuration)
  • Side gear changeably (on specific models)

There are many optional parts available to help configure your differential for your specific needs, as with different types of racing there are various configurations designed to work with your type of racing style. You can take a look at our extensive optional parts listing HERE. Contact KAAZ USA for assistance on configuring your differential!

We have over 300 dealers in the Northern America’s alone, these authorized dealers will provide the best pricing and information available to assist your purchase of a KAAZ product. If you can not find a KAAZ dealer please contact us for more information.

Our products are designed with important factors in mind. Manufacturing a reliable and superior product for its users, maintaining competitive pricing, and providing real time customer service that will compliment your next victory. Unlike other companies which depend on technical feedback or assistance from their parent company located in another country, KAAZ USA has the knowledge and experience to assist you at the time of your request, we do not only sell products to the customer…we also assist them in everyway possible when it comes to technical questions and setup.

As one of the pioneers of after market clutch type differentials, our engineering abilities allow users to obtain a product that possess quality craftsmanship and excellent reliability designed for usage on the race tracks worldwide. Only premium grade materials are adopted in conjunction with uncompromising superior processing to create a KAAZ genuine product. Our winning track records around the world set fourth an accomplishment only obtainable by usage of KAAZ products, with this background your decision to purchase our products carries a wining legacy that soon can turn into victory for your own.

We are the leading brand in sport compact clutch type Limited Slip Differentials, since our early stages of presence we have dedicated countless hours & resources to educate the sport compact world of the advantages available in clutch type technology. Something our competitors needed not to do, due to our efforts.

When purchasing an after market Limited Slip Differential always factor in which company actually has proven their technology through other similar users like your self, also consider if you were in need of technical assistance can the company assist you? With KAAZ your purchase of a highly competitive unit will not hurt your wallet in the end due to our highly competitive pricing.

Due to respect for these parties, we can only mention, yes: KAAZ does manufacture for 3rd party companies that are well-known in the market for performance products. Our technology and products are not only trusted through end-users and racers but other companies that believe in the KAAZ capabilities as well.

Many assume limited slip differentials are all the same, however we’d like to point out some differences which separate each unit apart. A clutch type differential is beneficial to road racing due to liner/faster lockup with more predictability. On Torque Biasing units when one wheel lifts, there comes a reaction where the differential now carries a open differential character due to power only being transfered to one wheel, however when the lifted wheel makes contact there is a time frame in which progressive build-up is needed in order to transfer full power. This can be a downfall for road racing or rally racing since the vehicle is more than likely subject to wheel lift. The KAAZ LSD actually provides power even during one-wheel-contacts.

Only non-SuperQ LSD’s must be broken-in to seat the clutch plates. Applying too much torque when the unit is new will cause damage to the clutch plates and may result in plates forming an angle fit. Once these plates form an angle fit, the LSD is unable to function at 100% efficiency. This will also result in more chattering noise under low speed turns. It is very IMPORTANT to perform the break-in procedure as described below. A video will be added shortly to explain this procedure.

KAAZ has been in the machinery industry since 1922 far longer than most of our competitors. With more than 80 years experience we are able to produce products more efficiently and with lower cost. KAAZ does not allow itself to manufacture products for maximum profit using inferior materials. Due to our years in business we simply have the right resources and capabilities to pass the savings on to our customers.